An Annual of Poetry and Prose

Meridian Minutes

Short Prose Prize

It's time to enter our Short Prose Prize. Anything (almost) goes. Just keep your submission under one thousand words.

Current IssueOur current issue is #48, Summer 2024, and features Afua Ansong, McCullough Blessing, Eliot Cardinaux, Patrick Clement James, Katie Edkins Milligan, Coby-Dillon English, Stacey Forbes, Robert Gibb, Marina Greenfeld, William Hawkins, Aiden Heung, Darren Higgins, Jessica Holmes, Kaley Hutter, Natalie Keener, Hope Kelham, Jessie Kraemer, Paul Linczak, Michael Malan, Susan Mersereau, Nicholas Montemarano, Amy Moore, Bennett Nieberg, John A. Nieves, Cathlin Noonan, Martha Paz-Soldan, Aaron Rabinowitz, Johann Sarna, Raisa Tolchinsky, G.C. Waldrep, Jacob Walhout, Raziya Wang, Christian Wessels, Adele Williams, Heath J Wooten, Ronnie Yates, Jane Zwart

Featured Poem

Marrow Song

by Natalie Keener

The wind through the cornfield is teaching it how to die.
The dry leaves keen like paper wind chimes, the rattle ...

Featured Poem

The Name of the Song

by Michael Malan

It begins with an old story about two lovers, a deserted house, red flowers, probably impatiens...

Featured Review

Nefando by Mónica Ojeda

If you think fiction about online subcultures is doomed to quaintness, and that publishing internet discourse in a tangible book inherently renders that discourse obsolete ...

Featured Review

Glass Jaw by Raisa Tolchinsky

Not much is sacred these days. Glass Jaw, the first collection by poet Raisa Tolchinsky, deftly articulates questions of devotion amidst physical and emotional strain.