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Issue 39, Summer 2017

Editor: Helen Chandler
Poetry Editor: Courtney Flerlage
Fiction Editor: Caitlin Fitzpatrick
Nonfiction Editor: Adam Roux
Faculty Advisor: Jeb Livingood

Justin Bendell, "Sea of Tiny Leaves" (Fiction) pgs. 67-69
Destiny Birdsong, "Refraction" (Poetry) pgs. 4-5
Etkin Camoglu, "European Side" (Fiction) pgs. 13-14
Susan Kim Campbell, "Neapolitan" (Fiction) pgs. 9-11
Emily Cinquemani, "Watching Bats from My Kitchen Window after You’ve Left" (Poetry) pg. 40
Christopher Citro, "The Sky We Want to Reach Up and Press Our Thumbs Into" (Poetry) pg. 20 // "One Theory of What’s Happening Out There" (Poetry) pg. 21
Mar Colon-Margolies, "Small Violence" (Fiction) pgs. 1-3
Jennifer Conlon, "When the Sea is Reaching" (Poetry) pgs. 47-49
Caitlin Fitzpatrick, "An Interview with Thomas Pierce" (Interview) pgs. 98-104
J.P. Grasser, "Hush" (Poetry) pgs. 75-76
Roy Guzman, "Quinceanera" (Poetry) pgs. 71-72
Justin Herrmann, "The Far North" (Fiction) pgs. 6-8
Carlie Hoffman, "As for Me, I Used to Be a Bird" (Poetry) pg. 29
Patrick Kindig, "Fish Ladder: A Play in Three Acts" (Poetry) pgs. 26-28
Dominic Leach, "Excerpt from "The Rotterdam Notebook" by Boris Ryzhy" (Translation) pgs. 78-95
Jeff Martin, "The Heaviest Things Are Never Stones" (Fiction) pgs. 22-25
Douglas Milliken, "Milk" (Fiction) pgs. 38-39
Osel Jessica Plante, "The Navy Wife Talks in Her Sleep" (Fiction) pg. 39
Alexandros Plasatis, "Made by Sea and Wood, in Darkness" (Fiction) pgs. 33-37
Danielle Potter, "Foreign" (Nonfiction) pgs. 15-19
Benjamin Reed, "After Landing at Heathrow International, One Week after the Bombs" (Fiction) pg. 56
Annie Reid, "The Beach" (Fiction) pgs. 41-46
Alison Rollins, "Cognitive Mapping" (Poetry) pgs. 64-66
Marty Saunders, "The Red Line to Union Station" (Poetry) pg. 70
Sreshtha Sen, "In New York, I Am Counting Down the Things My Tongue Can Do" (Poetry) pg. 74
Faith Sheerin, "Atlantis" (Fiction) pgs. 52-55
Theadora Siranian, "The Unguarded" (Poetry) pgs. 50-51
Jill Talbot, "The Incident at the Beach" (Fiction) pgs. 30-32
Janet Thielke, "Unstained" (Fiction) pgs. 67-69
Jeff Whitney, "Natural History" (Poetry) pg. 73

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Issue 38, Winter 2017

Editor: Helen Chandler
Fiction Editor: Caitlin Fitzpatrick
Poetry Editor: Courtney Flerlage
Nonfiction Editor: Adam Roux
Cover Artist: Katie Kelly
Faculty Advisor: Jeb Livingood

Marian Berges, "Not of This Time" (Fiction) pgs. 103-108
Rebecca Bernard, "This Is Us Being Alive" (Fiction) pgs. 48-60
Linnea Blank, "Self-Portrait in Late Winter" (Poetry) pgs. 40-41
Garrett Bryant, "Poem with a Bridge" (Poetry) pg. 87
Sarah Cadorette, "Symmetry" (Nonfiction) pgs. 93-102
Helen Chandler, "Transit by Rachel Cusk" (Review) pgs. 139-141
Colin Cheney, "Qunce, marsh lentil & hydromel" (Poetry) pgs. 41-44
Maggie Colvett, "City Under Glass" (Poetry) pgs. 91-92
Colby Cotton, "Pulse" (Poetry) pgs. 45-46 // "Elegy with Ice and Burning Barrel" (Poetry) pg. 47
Lydia Davis, "An Interview with Lydia Davis" (Interview) pgs. 110-117
Michael Dhyne, "Four Reincarnations by Max Ritvo" (Review) pgs. 132-134
Adrian Duncan, "The Smaller Trials of an Engineer" (Fiction) pgs. 6-12
Kevin Jerome Everson, "Six Film Stills" (Artwork) pgs. 63-71
Caitlin Fitzpatrick, "An Interview with Lydia Davis" (Interview) pgs. 110-117 // "Perfect Little World by Kevin Wilson" (Review) pgs. 130-131
Courtney Flerlage, "Cold Pastoral by Rebecca Dunham" (Review) pgs. 127-129
Piers Gelly, "The Idiot by Elif Batuman" (Review) pgs. 119-121
Kathleen Hansen, "These Days" (Fiction) pgs. 74-85
Zebulon Huset, "You're No Perseus Either" (Poetry) pgs. 19-20
Alyssa Jewell, "Carry On" (Poetry) pgs. 17-18
Nichole LeFebvre, "The Animators by Kayla Rae Whitaker" (Review) pgs. 121-122
Ellyn Lichvar, "Portrait/Disrepair" (Poetry) pg. 13 // "To Be Sure I Was Alone" (Poetry) pg. 14
Noriko Nakada, "A Short History of Insanity" (Nonfiction) pgs. 88-90
Cynthia Dewi Oka, "Succession" (Poetry) pgs. 15-16
Sasha Stein Prévost, "You Ask Me to Talk about the Interior by Caroline Ebeid" (Review) pgs. 122-124
Valencia Robin, "Introduction to Kevein Jerome Everson Artwork" (Nonfiction) pgs. 64-65
Laura Sobbott Ross, "Autumn" (Poetry) pg. 86
Catherine Sexton, "Calling Someone" (Fiction) pgs. 21-29
Sean Shearer, "My Private Property by Mary Ruefle" (Review) pgs. 135-138
Andy Sia, "A Theory about Love" (Poetry) pg. 61
Cathy Sweeney, "Two Tales" (Fiction) pgs. 1-5
Emily Wegemer, "Today I Ripen" (Poetry) pgs. 72-73
John Williams, "Sons of No One" (Poetry) pg. 62
Karen Wunsch, "Plan E" (Fiction) pgs. 30-39

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Issue 37, Summer 2016

Editor: Emily Temple
Poetry Editor: Courtney Flerlage
Fiction Editor: Caitlin Fitzpatrick
Nonfiction Editor: Helen Chandler
Faculty Advisor: Jeb Livingood
Cover Artist: Beth Hoeckel

Hadara Bar-Nadav, "Jar" (Poetry) pgs. 30-31 // "House" (Poetry) pgs. 32-33 // "Plant" (Poetry) pg. 34
Sara Brickman, "The Big Book of Exit Strategies by Jamaal May" (Review) pgs. 143-145
Kristene Brown, "Small Nod of Time" (Poetry) pgs. 88-89 // "Small Nod of Time" (Poetry) pgs. 88-89
Molly McCully Brown, "To the Woman on the Balcony of the Bar" (Poetry) pg. 25 // "Useless Information I Wish You Were Alive to Know" (Poetry) pg. 26 // "Transubstantiation" (Poetry) pg. 27
Brian Castleberry, "Real Historical Figures" (Fiction) pgs. 35-43
Aaron Coleman, "Where We Choose to Hide" (Poetry) pg. 98 // "But the Myth is Too Beautiful" (Poetry) pg. 99
Carol V. Davis, "Again the Crows" (Poetry) pg. 44
Michael Dhyne, "Widening Income Inequality by Frederick Seidel" (Review) pgs. 130-132
Samantha Duncan, "Chaos Theory" (Fiction) pgs. 28-29
Caitlin Fitzpatrick, "Some Possible Solutions by Helen Phillips" (Review) pgs. 138-139
Courtney Flerlage, "Ramshackle Ode by Keith Leonard" (Review) pgs. 135-137
Nick Flynn, "An Interview with Nick Flynn" (Interview) pgs. 117-124
Seth Gannon, "The Photographer" (Fiction) pgs. 100-116
Christian Gullette, "Starling Murmuration" (Poetry) pg. 87
Carlson Heath, "Marsland" (Fiction) pgs. 47-61
Beth Hoeckel, "Six Collages" (Artwork) pgs. 63-69
Kathleen Jones, "Valentines" (Poetry) pgs. 96-97
Chris Knapp, "Zero K by Don DeLillo" (Review) pgs. 125-129
Jessica Lilien, "Woman and Giraffe" (Fiction) pgs. 5-12
Anzhelina Polonskaya, "Don't Shine, July" (Nonfiction) pgs. 91-95
Paulina Reso, "The Widows" (Fiction) pgs. 17-24
Raf Richardson, "Hystopia by David Means" (Review) pgs. 149-150
Valencia Robin, "Rapture by Sjohnna McCray" (Review) pgs. 140-142
Adam Roux, "LaRose by Louise Erdrich" (Review) pgs. 133-134
Philip Schaefer, "Bad Summon" (Poetry) pg. 3 // "I'm Keeping the Wooden Horse" (Poetry) pg. 13
Rob Shapiro, "An Interview with Nick Flynn" (Interview) pgs. 117-124 // "Night Sky Frequencies: New and Selected Poems by Debra Nystrom" (Review) pgs. 146-148
Analicia Sotelo, "Revelation at the All-Girls School" (Poetry) pg. 45 // "Ariadne's Guide to Getting a Man" (Fiction) pg. 46
Adam Tavel, "During the Seventh Inning Stretch, a Country Time Lemonade Commercial Airs" (Poetry) pg. 90
Corey Van Landingham, "Love Letter to the President" (Poetry) pgs. 15-16
Andrew Wachtel, "Don't Shine, July" (Nonfiction) pgs. 91-95
John Woods, "White" (Fiction) pgs. 70-86
sam sax, "Objectophile" (Poetry) pg. 14

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Issue 36, Winter 2016

Editor: Emily Temple
Fiction Editor: Caitlin Fitzpatrick
Poetry Editor: Courtney Flerlage
Nonfiction Editor: Helen Chandler
Managing Editor: Teresa Kim
Faculty Advisor: Jeb Livingood
Cover Artist: Madeline Gobbo

Reem Abu-Baker, "Professional" (Fiction) pg. 61
Kirstin Allio, "Manifesto" (Nonfiction) pgs. 52-53
Christopher Brunt, "Waterclocks and Whirling Buckets" (Poetry) pg. 3 // "The Metaphysician Calls His Mother from Jail" (Poetry) pg. 4
Helen Chandler, "An Interview with Lucy Corin" (Interview) pgs. 69-74
Lucy Corin, "An Interview with Lucy Corin" (Interview) pgs. 69-74
Jimmie Cumbie, "Argonaut" (Poetry) pgs. 19-20
Katherine Doyle, "At the Time" (Fiction) pg. 59
Caitlin Fitzpatrick, "Jim Krusoe's The Sleep Garden" (Review) pgs. 79-80
Melody Gee, "On the Vine" (Poetry) pg. 16
Peter Grandbois, "As if darkness doesn't come drop by drop" (Poetry) pgs. 21-22
Landis Grenville, "francis j. harris's play dead" (Review) pgs. 83-84
Jessica Guzman Alderman, "Wedding Inverse" (Poetry) pg. 75
Sara Henning, "These Are Not Nice Birds" (Poetry) pgs. 13-15
Brandi Kalicki, "Melody Tusk of the Carolina Coast" (Fiction) pgs. 17-18
Laura Legge, "Vine of the Dead" (Fiction) pgs. 37-46
Albert Maginnes, "One Circle" (Poetry) pgs. 47-48
Maxwell McDonough, "The Dogshark" (Poetry) pgs. 63-64
Rebecca McKay, "The Anthropologist of Sleep Returns to the Wisdom of Raptors" (Poetry) pg. 34 // "I Have Learned Nothing from Deer" (Poetry) pg. 35 // "Larus argentatus as Mistranslation" (Poetry) pg. 36
Aimee Mepham, "Raving Ones" (Fiction) pgs. 5-12
Lauren Moseley, "Mary" (Poetry) pg. 65
Wendy Rawlings, "Studying Irish" (Nonfiction) pgs. 23-33
Diana Reaves, "Blackberry Lilies" (Poetry) pgs. 49-51
Raf Richardson, "Sunil Yapa's Your Heart is a Muscle the Size of a Fist" (Review) pgs. 81-82
Adam Roux, "Petina Gappah's The Book of Memory" (Review) pgs. 77-78
Amy Sailer, "Against Vanitas" (Poetry) pgs. 1-2
Andrea Witzke Slot, "Lymphatic" (Fiction) pgs. 62-63
Chad Temples, "Cantaloupe" (Poetry) pg. 76
Mitchell Untch, "The Playing Field" (Poetry) pg. 55
Felicia Zamora, "& in wonder too" (Poetry) pg. 54

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Issue 35, Summer 2015

Editor: Teresa Kim
Fiction Editor: Emily Temple
Poetry Editor: Julia Carino
Nonfiction Editor: Emma Copley Eisenberg
Social Media Manager: Amanda Korman
Faculty Advisor: Jeb Livingood

Megan Blankenship, "Fantasy" (Poetry) pg. 1 // "Dammed" (Poetry) pg. 20
Helen Chandler, "Ottessa Moshfegh's Eileen" (Review) pgs. 105-107
Aaron Coleman, "Manmade Shelter Beneath Rupturing Sky" (Poetry) pg. 47
Emma Copley Eisenberg, "An Interview with Meg Wolitzer" (Interview) pgs. 85-92
Caitlin Fitzpatrick, "Lauren Groff's Fates and Furies" (Review) pgs. 95-97 // "Claire Vaye Watkin's Gold Fame Citrus" (Review) pgs. 115-116
Courtney Flerlage, "Ada Limon's Bright Dead Things" (Review) pgs. 102-104
Meg Freitag, "The Outside Bird" (Poetry) pgs. 34-35
Paul Guest, "Cate Marvin's Oracle" (Review) pgs. 104-105
H.K. Hummel, "To Begin--" (Poetry) pg. 48 // "Vigil" (Poetry) pg. 49
John James, "Poem Around Which Everything Is Structured" (Poetry) pgs. 79-81
Jeff P. Jones, "Another Dead Girl" (Fiction) pgs. 2-18
Chris Knapp, "Helen Phillips's The Beautiful Bureaucrat" (Review) pgs. 108-111
Veronica Kuhn, "Rowan Ricardo Phillips's Heaven" (Review) pgs. 111-113
Devin Latham, "Wild Things in Safe Places" (Nonfiction) pgs. 72-78
Nichole LeFebvre, "Laura Holmes's Barbara the Slut and other People" (Review) pgs. 99-102
Carly Miller, "Dream Ladder" (Poetry) pgs. 67-71
Mirabella Mitchell, "Richard Siken's War of the Foxes" (Review) pgs. 113-114
Annie Pittman, "Sandra Beasley's Count the Waves" (Review) pgs. 93-95
Rachel Riederer, "The Rainmakers" (Nonfiction) pgs. 36-46
Adam Roux, "Joy Williams's The Visiting Privilege" (Review) pgs. 117-118
Michael Schmeltzer, "'And these are plenty and manifold'" (Poetry) pgs. 60-66
Rob Shapiro, "Tony Hoagland's Application for Release from the Dream" (Review) pgs. 97-99
Alison Turner, "Foreign Teachers Contract" (Fiction) pgs. 50-59
Matthew Wimberly, "American Dark Matter" (Poetry) pgs. 21-33
David Winter, "Questions I Do Not Ask My Ex-Lover" (Poetry) pg. 19
Meg Wolitzer, "An Interview with Meg Wolitzer" (Interview) pgs. 85-92

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