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Issue 44, Spring 2020

Editor: Emily Lawson
Fiction Editor: Suzie Eckl
Poetry Editor: Caleb Nolen
Nonfiction Editor: Jessica Walker
Faculty Advisor: Jeb Livingood

Jessica Alexander, "Homecoming" (Poetry) pg. 103
Dana Alsamsam, "Read All of Their Names" (Poetry) pgs. 86-87
Moncho Alvarado, "Dear Amá," (Poetry) pgs. 56-57
Aldo Amparán, "Glossary for What You Left Unsaid: Loss" (Poetry) pgs. 32-33
Jacob Appel, "Forever is a Moist, Dark Pipe" (Fiction) pgs. 17-28
Colin Bailes, "Sunshine State" (Poetry) pgs. 138-141
Daniel Barnum, "After-Image" (Poetry) pg. 127
Roy Bentley, "Criminals in Creative Writing Class" (Poetry) pg. 115
Bruce Bond, "Vellum" (Poetry) pgs. 2-13
Ronda Piszk Broatch, "Lord, I Meant to Be Helpless" (Poetry) pg. 128 // "Stitching Fragments of Sylvia to a Hornet’s Nest with Spit and Paper" (Poetry) pg. 129
Samuel Cheney, "Summer Love in Monteagle, Tennessee" (Poetry) pgs. 34-36
Barbara Daniels, "Sex Ed" (Poetry) pg. 142
Brian Dempster, "Japan" (Poetry) pgs. 158-159
Christina Duhig, "Searching South Florida" (Poetry) pg. 178
Derick Ebert, "Moses" (Poetry) pg. 30
Katherine Fallon, "West Philadelphia 2013: Lauren, Surrounded" (Poetry) pg. 55
Jenny Ferguson, "Like Water" (Fiction) pgs. 133-137
Monica Fields, "Little Talk" (Poetry) pgs. 160-161
Rebecca Foust, "Omniscient Narrator" (Poetry) pg. 72
Matthew Gellman, "Topograhy" (Poetry) pg. 118
James Gray, "Bloodsucker Goes Away for the Weekend" (Fiction) pgs. 145-157
Doris Iarovici, "Bicth" (Fiction) pgs. 121-126
Stephanie Karp, "Tiny Baba" (Fiction) pgs. 92-93
Emily Katz, "Tiny Planets" (Fiction) pgs. 183-190
Mary Kovaleski Byrnes, "New Year" (Poetry) pgs. 179-180
C. M. Lindley, "Scrape You Up" (Fiction) pgs. 98-100
Christopher Linforth, "Proposal" (Fiction) pg. 31
Alex MacConochie, "Driven Home" (Poetry) pgs. 176-177
Muriel Nelson, "Don’t start with death" (Poetry) pg. 29
Wendy Noonan, "Weeping Woman" (Nonfiction) pgs. 165-175
Megan Pinto, "The Dream of the Shepherd" (Poetry) pg. 85
Roberto Rodriguez, "A Conversation with C Pam Zhang" (Interview) pgs. 191-196
Josh Rolnick, "Trawlers" (Fiction) pgs. 39-54
Carrie Shipers, "Internment Letter" (Poetry) pgs. 116-117
Vanessa Tamm, "So Slow That It Sounds True" (Fiction) pgs. 96-97
Katlyn Tjerrild, "Vanity of Vanities" (Nonfiction) pgs. 107-114
Christie Towers, "Fear of Falling" (Poetry) pgs. 101-102
Sophia Veltfort, "Gingersnaps" (Fiction) pgs. 75-84
Ellie White, "The View from Below" (Nonfiction) pgs. 94-95
Tobias Wray, "Beginner's End" (Poetry) pg. 88
Jessica Yuan, "Human Resources" (Poetry) pg. 71
C Pam Zhang, "A Conversation with C Pam Zhang" (Interview) pgs. 191-196
Katherine Zlabek, "Trouble Lives on 15th Street" (Nonfiction) pgs. 61-70

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Issue 43, Summer 2019

Editor: Olivia Haberman
Poetry Editor: Emily Nason
Fiction Editor: Jessica Walker
Nonfiction Editor: Emily Lawson
Cover Artist: Aimee Seu
Faculty Advisor: Jeb Livingood

Tory Adkisson, "Anecdote of the Swan" (Poetry) pgs. 74-75
Mirande Bissell, "Soldier's Heart" (Poetry) pg. 20
Elly Bookman, "Rehearsals" (Poetry) pgs. 52-53
Kate Daniels, "An Interview with Kate Daniels" (Interview) pgs. 93-103
Emma Grillo, "Mediation" (Fiction) pgs. 66-71
Alexandria Hall, "Dredge" (Poetry) pg. 90
Christopher Kempf, "Veterans Day 5k" (Poetry) pg. 73
Anita Koester, "An Interview with Kate Daniels" (Interview) pgs. 93-103
Veronica Kornberg, "In Which I Explain My Eleventh Year" (Poetry) pgs. 64-65
Benna Lemieux, "We Were Happy" (Fiction) pgs. 21-34
Kelsey Peterson, "Woman in Blue" (Fiction) pgs. 55-63
Jessica Poli, "Prothalamion" (Poetry) pgs. 18-19
Michael Pontacoloni, "The Last Diving Horse Show in America" (Poetry) pg. 3
Alyssa Quinn, "Transcendence: A Schematic" (Nonfiction) pgs. 4-17
Brian Simoneau, "The Fossil Record" (Poetry) pg. 38
Todd Smith, "In the Year of the Metal Pig" (Poetry) pg. 35
Chris Stuck, "Every Time They Call You Nigger" (Nonfiction) pgs. 76-89
Chelsea Wagenaar, "Trixie" (Poetry) pg. 72
Sierra Warrick, "The Whimper" (Fiction) pgs. 39-49
Dylan Weir, "The Reception of Remorse" (Poetry) pg. 54
Patrick Whitfill, "A Theory for Almost Anything: Gravity" (Poetry) pgs. 36-37
Emma Wood, "Living" (Poetry) pgs. 50-51

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Issue 42, Winter 2019

Editor: Olivia Haberman
Fiction Editor: Jessica Walker
Poetry Editor: Emily Nason
Nonfiction Editor: Emily Lawson
Cover Artist: Autumn Long
Faculty Advisor: Jeb Livingood

E Kristen Anderson, "All the Wonders We've Seen in the Cold and in the Dark" (Poetry) pg. 87
Tyler Barton, "Red Herrings" (Fiction) pgs. 13-15
Margie Chardiet, "On Turning Twelve" (Poetry) pg. 1
Mary Crawford, "The Lute" (Fiction) pgs. 104-116
Tamara Dean, "A Rain of Fishes" (Fiction) pgs. 39-41
Katherine Fallon, "Hazing" (Poetry) pg. 56
Piers Gelly, "A Conversation with John Keene" (Interview) pgs. 118-131
D. Gilson, "Analysis of a Phobia in a Thirty-Three-Year-Old Boy" (Nonfiction) pgs. 65-72
Jessica Hincapie, "Economy of Empty Space" (Poetry) pgs. 62-63 // "World in Reverse" (Poetry) pg. 64
Natalie Homer, "Diorama of Anxiety Attack" (Poetry) pg. 73
Michael Homolka, "On a Friend's Response to a Koan" (Poetry) pg. 43
John Keene, "A Conversation with John Keene" (Interview) pgs. 118-131
Caroline Kim, "Picasso's Blue Period" (Fiction) pgs. 2-12
Benjamin Kingsley, "Insecticide" (Poetry) pgs. 102-103
Autumn Long, "Issue 42 Art Insert" (Artwork) pgs. 57-61
Caitlin Mullen, "Buddy" (Fiction) pgs. 88-100
Kathryn Nuernberger, "Angela de la Barthe" (Nonfiction) pgs. 18-21
Dara Passano, "Fellowship" (Fiction) pgs. 24-38
Cassandra Powers, "Silent Moon" (Fiction) pgs. 44-55
John Tait, "Impov" (Fiction) pgs. 74-86
Natalie Tombasco, "Collective Invention" (Poetry) pg. 101
G.C. Waldrep, "My Sutures as a Forest Set on Fire by Poachers" (Poetry) pgs. 22-23
kwabena foli, "The Boy Born with a Choir" (Poetry) pg. 16 // "Howl" (Poetry) pg. 17

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Issue 41, Summer 2018

Editor: Adam Roux
Fiction Editor: Olivia Haberman
Poetry Editor: Landis Grenville
Nonfiction Editor: Nichole LeFebvre
Faculty Advisor: Jeb Livingood
Cover Artist: Elizabeth Zhang

Jesse Ball, "A Conversation with Jesse Ball" (Fiction) pgs. 81-94
Maari Carter, "Somewhere in South Dakota" (Poetry) pg. 33
Helen Chandler, "Alexander Chee's How to Write an Autobiographical Novel" (Review) pgs. 105-107
Kate Click, "Of the Major Arcana: Fool, with Fetus" (Poetry) pg. 77
Cassie Davies, "Renee Gladman's House of Ravicha" (Review) pgs. 150-152
Ethan Feuer, "A Conversation with Jesse Ball" (Interview) pgs. 81-94
Piers Gelly, "A Conversation with Jesse Ball" (Interview) pgs. 81-94
Alexandra Haines-Stiles, "Narcissa" (Poetry) pgs. 16-17
Barbara Hamby, "The Odyssey in Six Sonnets" (Poetry) pgs. 27-32
Rachel Hanson, "Dead Water" (Nonfiction) pgs. 34-39
Augusta Laurel, "Letter to My Sister in a Time of Drought" (Poetry) pg. 40 // "Letter to My Sister in June with Willow Trees" (Poetry) pg. 41
Emily Lawson, "Curtis Sittenfeld's You Think It, I'll Say It" (Review) pgs. 114-116
Seulmi Lee, "Virgin Ghost on the North Korean Border" (Fiction) pgs. 4-15
Jake McCabe, "Dress Code" (Fiction) pgs. 44-60
Amanda Jane McConnon, "Stones" (Poetry) pgs. 42-43
Caleb Nolen, "Anne Boyer's A Handbook of Disappointed Fate" (Review) pgs. 100-103
Osel Jessica Plante, "It's Not an Apocalypse if the Horses Are Mortal" (Poetry) pgs. 2-3
Sasha Prevost, "Kazim Ali's Silver Road, Maps, Calligraphies and Inquisition" (Review) pgs. 97-99
Adam Roux, "Cesar Aira's The Linden Tree" (Review) pgs. 95-97 // "Yoko Tawada's The Emissary" (Review) pgs. 114-116
Daniel Ruiz, "Night-Night" (Poetry) pg. 62 // "Methinks" (Poetry) pg. 63
Aimee Seu, "Meg Freitag's Edith" (Review) pgs. 107-109
Anna Tomlinson, "Kai Carlson-Wee's Rail" (Review) pgs. 102-105
Jeanette Topar, "Descent" (Fiction) pgs. 18-26
Emily Van Duyne, "Lightweight Eight" (Nonfiction) pgs. 64-76
Jessica Walker, "Clarice Lispector's The Chandelier" (Review) pgs. 109-111
David Welch, "Self-Portrait as Horizon" (Poetry) pg. 61

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Issue 40, Winter 2018

Editor: Adam Roux
Poetry Editor: Landis Grenville
Fiction Editor: Olivia Haberman
Nonfiction Editor: Nichole LeFebvre
Cover Artist: Jack Felice
Faculty Advisor: Jeb Livingood

Bipin Aurora, "Mrs. Taneja" (Fiction) pgs. 37-47
Sarah Bates, "Another Rhinoceros is Dead" (Poetry) pg. 34
Anna Beecher, "Jenny Diski's The Vanishing Princess" (Review) pgs. 143-145
Kamil Bouska, "Kamil Bouska" (Translation) pgs. 115-129
Michaela Cowgill, "Traci Brimhalt's Saudade" (Review) pgs. 141-143
R. Cross, "Night-Blooming Cereus" (Fiction) pgs. 96-110
David Crouse, "The Gift of Flight" (Fiction) pgs. 52-67
Adam Day, "Kiru XXIX" (Poetry) pg. 94 // "Kiru XXX" (Poetry) pg. 95
Mark Doty, "An Interview with Mark Doty" (Interview) pgs. 132-139
Jonathan Duckworth, "Meanwhile" (Poetry) pg. 68
Bobby Elliot, "An Interview with Mark Doty" (Interview) pgs. 132-139
Catherine Foulkrod, "The Corner of Baja California and Medellin" (Nonfiction) pgs. 26-33
Landis Grenville, "Brittany Perham's Double Portrait" (Review) pgs. 161-164
Laura Judge, "Magic" (Poetry) pgs. 50-51
Nichole LeFebvre, "Paul Guest's Because Everything Is Terrible" (Review) pgs. 152-154
Ryan Paradiso, "migration" (Poetry) pg. 121 // "Loba" (Poetry) pg. 122
Ondrej Pazdirek, "Kamil Bouska" (Translation) pgs. 115-129
Alexandria Peary, "Where Particular People Congregate" (Nonfiction) pgs. 69-81
Brittany Perham, "DP.b.21" (Poetry) pgs. 1-4 // "DP.b.11" (Poetry) pg. 5
Suzanne Manizza Roszak, "The Spirits Present My Forgotten Sister" (Poetry) pg. 93
Adam Roux, "Jean Giono's Melville" (Review) pgs. 148-151 // "Laszlo Krasznohorkai's The World Goes On" (Review) pgs. 155-157
J.D. Smith, "Visitation" (Poetry) pgs. 35-36
Adeeba Talukder, "On Beauty" (Poetry) pg. 23 // ""Tell the angels not to touch me without permission"" (Poetry) pgs. 24-25
Hannah Thurman, "Widows & Orphans" (Fiction) pgs. 82-92
Anna Tomlinson, "Kiki Petrosino's Witch Wife" (Review) pgs. 165-167
Casey Walker, "Scavengers" (Fiction) pgs. 6-21
Jessica Walker, "Jeffrey Eugenides's Fresh Complaint" (Review) pgs. 145-147
James Whiteside, "Poem for the New Year" (Poetry) pg. 48 // "Want" (Poetry) pg. 49

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