Potential Logotypes

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Hi, all!

I’m looking for your feedback regarding a new logotype for Meridian. I’ve mocked up a few covers with placeholder artwork and typefaces for your consideration. Note these covers aren’t perfect, so don’t worry too much about alignment or things like that!

A little bit about the typefaces: 

I’ve selected sans serif typefaces, which will provide contrast to the serif fonts we use on Meridian‘s interior. Additionally, I’ve tried to select fairly plain fonts for a couple reasons. First, our cover art varies dramatically from year to year and an overly stylized typeface could clash. Second, Meridian has no fixed personality, given its editorial staff turns over from year to year; a plain-ish typeface might better assume the particular vibe of each issue. 

So! Which logotype do you like best? Feel free to vote using this Google Form.

Thank you!